JPCC: celebrating 5 years

Image: AERA EAB meeting.


This year the Journal of Professional Capital and Community celebrates 5 years of publishing the most important evidence on the nature and impact of interactions and relationships in the education profession.

We've collected together some of our favourite articles from the past 5 years and made them free for you to read and to share with your networks until April 30, 2019.



  1. Andy Hargreaves, Michael T. O'Connor, (2017) "Cultures of professional collaboration: their origins and opponents", Vol. 2 Issue: 2

  2. Santiago Rincón-Gallardo, Michael Fullan, (2016) "Essential features of effective networks in education", Vol. 1 Issue: 1

  3. Mel Ainscow, (2016) "Collaboration as a strategy for promoting equity in education: possibilities and barriers", Vol. 1 Issue: 2

  4. Suzanne Molitor, Lana Parker, Diane Vetter, (2018) "Mentoring for all: building knowledge and community", Vol. 3 Issue: 4

  5. Jenni Donohoo, (2017) "Collective teacher efficacy research: implications for professional learning", Vol. 2 Issue: 2

  6. Deborah M. Netolicky, (2016) "Rethinking professional learning for teachers and school leaders", Vol. 1 Issue: 4

  7. Carol Campbell, Ann Lieberman, Anna Yashkina, (2016) "Developing professional capital in policy and practice: Ontario's Teacher Learning and Leadership Program", Vol. 1 Issue: 3

  8. Amanda Datnow, (2018) "Time for change? The emotions of teacher collaboration and reform", Vol. 3 Issue: 3

  9. Sihua Hu, Kaitlin T. Torphy, Amanda Opperman, Kimberly Jansen, Yun-Jia Lo, (2018) "What do teachers share within Socialized Knowledge Communities: a case of Pinterest", Vol. 3 Issue: 2

  10. Pamela Osmond-Johnson, (2019) "Becoming a teacher leader: building social capital through gradual release", Vol. 4 Issue: 1