What is professional capital and community?

We are endeavouring to raise the quality of student learning for all students through research to discover the top quality work teachers produce in order to offer ways to address the building of professional capital and community through JPCC.

What does JPCC stand for?

The Journal of Professional Capital and Community

When was the first issue of JPCC published?

The first issue of JPCC was published in January 2016. If you would like to subscribe to this journal, or recommend JPCC to your librarian, please visit the subscriptions page.

Who is on the Editorial board for JPCC?

The JPCC editorial board is led by Martin Scanlan as Editor-in-Chief, and comprises over 30 scholars who excel in the field of professional capital, community and education. You can view the full list of Editorial Advisory Board members on the Editor section of this website.

Who is the publisher of JPCC?

Emerald Publishing is proud to be the publisher of JPCC. The company manages a portfolio of more than 300 journals, over 2,500 books and book series volumes, and more than 1,500 case studies. It also provides an extensive range of value-added products, resources and services to support its customers’ needs. Find out more about Emerald.

Does JPCC partner with an institution?

JPCC is proud to be supported by the Boston College Lynch School of Education. The Lynch School is run by Ph.D. Dean Maureen Kenny and strives to address the global challenges faced in education to offer ground-breaking solutions to better the lives of students and the wider community surrounding education. Visit the Lynch School website.

How can I subscribe to JPCC?

For full details on how to subscribe to this prolific journal, please visit the subscriptions page.

Can I recommend JPCC to my librarian?

Simply fill out this simple form, and the recommendation will be sent directly to your librarian.

How do I submit my paper to JPCC?

You can submit your paper to JPCC through our dedicated ScholarOne web-portal.

I have views on professional capital in education. Can I submit a blog to this website?

Yes! If you would like to share your experiences of professional capital and community in education, you can submit a blog in video, word or audio format to Alistair Craven, Web Editorial Manager at Emerald. Emerald will then assess the piece and confirm its publication on the site.

Who can I contact about JPCC at Emerald?

For subscription enquiries:

Please visit: http://emeraldgrouppublishing.com/products/subs/index.htm
Or contact: [email protected]

For publishing enquiries:

Image: Sharon Parkinson.Sharon Parkinson
[email protected]

For web, video or multimedia enquiries:

Image: Alistair Craven.Alistair Craven
Senior Web Editorial Manager
[email protected]

For promotional enquiries:

Image: Sanna Zahoor.Sanna Zahoor
Publishing Editor

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