Who was your best teacher
and why?

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My Best Teacher

Parents are often the people who shape who we become as human beings, but for many people, it was a teacher who made a real difference or changed the way in which we viewed the world.

In this "60 Seconds with ..." interview by Bob Greenburg’s Brainwaves Channel, JPCC's Editor-in-Chief Andy Hargreaves speaks about his best teacher and the impact made on his life.

This series also includes interviews with out EAB members Pasi Sahlberg and Yong Zhao.

Our  EAB members Alan J. Daly and Alma Harris have also shared their #MyBestTeacher stories with us!

We would like to know: Who was your best teacher and why?

All you need to do is:

  1. Record a short video beginning with ‘my best teacher was..’
  2. Upload it to Facebook or Twitter including the hashtag #MyBestTeacher

We have a few submissions already – take a look!

Mireille D. Hubers, Issue 1 author
University de Twente, The Netherlands

Mary Bridget Burns
JPCC Managing Editor, USA

Michael O'Connor
Boston College, USA

Shanee Wangia
Boston College, USA

Sharon Parkinson
JPCC Publisher, UK

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