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For the first time, in one single place of scholarly research and inquiry, the Journal of Professional Capital and Community brings together the most influential leading thinkers and emerging scholars on professional cultures, communities and collegiality and how they all contribute to or impede the development of the professional capital in schools and school systems that enhances students’ learning, wellbeing, achievement and engagement.

JPCC is a unique title which exclusively represents the need for development in professional capital in schools. There are other titles at Emerald which offer empirical double-blind peer reviewed research in areas which can influence the professional capital of institutions across the globe.

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International Journal of Mentoring and Coaching in Education

Journal cover: International Journal of Mentoring and Coaching in EducationThe International Journal of Mentoring and Coaching in Education (IJMCE) publishes cutting edge research, theoretical accounts and emerging issues of mentoring and coaching in educational contexts, including schools, colleges and universities. IJMCE provides global insights and critical accounts of how mentoring and coaching are evolving on a global platform evidencing their situated nature and generic characteristics. This unique journal highlights what is recognized as effective and less effective practice in specific contexts, as well as demonstrating why this is so and discussing possible transferability to other contexts.

Journal of Educational Administration

Journal cover: Journal of Educational AdministrationThe limited success of massive curricular and administrative restructuring to raise standards is a factor demanding informed comment by administrators. Meeting the needs of principals, superintendents and directors of education interested in the practice and theory of educational administration, this important journal presents international knowledge and initiatives designed to help educational administrators deal with the powerful social, political and economic factors affecting education today.

Advances in Research on Teaching

Journal cover: Advances in Research on Teaching The Advances in Research on Teaching series reports new understandings and insight about research on teaching and teacher education in terms of development of teachers (and teacher educators), methodology for studying teaching and teacher development, policy, and curriculum in relationship to teaching and teacher education. Therefore the series seeks books that articulate and explore development as a teacher  (or teacher educator), the learning to teach process, the contexts of teaching and teacher education, the policies and practices that contribute to and shape development, and more.